Tuesday, 15 December 2009

cheers gastronauts!

another image from my sketchbook. little tribute to the legend that is keith floyd, glass of red anyone?

*please not for the dickhead who commented upon one of my other images, these are drawn by hand, so therefore are my own work. But funnily enough i may draw from a image used in other media. Therfore an image i use, is a as a reference point and is not claimed to be my own. The drawing i create from the referenced image is. round of applause for the anonymous man.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

back in the game...

well after a few frantic weeks of creating a dissertation, knocking half my front tooth out on my birthday and my ever present uni work. Have finally made some more sketchbook stuff. A few collages and a few sketches on subcultures. Have a few canvases im yet to photograph as well as some flyer designs i will be putting up soon. anyways hope you like....