Monday, 2 August 2010

THIS IS YOURS- Canadian packs

Im about to embark upon a three week holiday through Canada, I am planning to leave fifty of my packs upon the streets and various destinations that I travel to. If you find one you can let me know by posting a comment here or sending me a card back!

I wonder how many, if any, responses I will get. Although I would be quite happy if I made someone smile when they found one.
Anyway I shall post me sketchbooks when Im back, wish me luck.


  1. I have just recieved an Ashley John 'This Is Yours' pack, and it is wonderful! I discovered it at the Studio C Gallery in Calgary, Canada.
    You are incredibly talented, and I am excited to see where your creativity will take you next!!!!! from Colin

  2. Hi Ashley,

    My name is Nicholas Brndjar. I'm a 21 year old student majoring in counselling. Yesterday I spent a beautiful day with my friends at Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C. We decided to check out the Emily Carr University of Arts + Design. While browsing their galleries one of your letters caught my eye. It was laying on the ground beside a pillar. It truly made my day!

    Your work is amazing! I hope your vacation in Canada inspires you.

    peace and love.

  3. Based on the other two comments, it seems as if your time in Vancouver has been well spent. I have also found a package and will happily explain "how a bout" I received it.

    My name is Ruhamah Marie Buchanan and I was born in Toronto, raised in Edmonton and finally found a sense of belonging in Vancouver, almost 3 years ago. On the day in question I was visiting with my father and brother who were visiting from Edmonton. We decided to take the Aquabus from Hornby St downtown to Granville Island. My brother found the package first and we had a friendly fight about who got to open it. Naturally, being the eldest sibling, I won.

    Good thing too, he found it boring and "silly" whereas I grinned from ear to ear and planned instantly to visit your site.

    Gifting art, and random acts of interesting kindness are fantastical, whimsical and necessary to survival.

    Continue what you're doing and have a fantastic time in Canada.


    P.S. The story will be told on the postcard and sent to a long lost friend in Sweden, who only maintains a postal connection with the world and has disappeared from an internet existence.

  4. i did not find a pack or letter, but i did notice a post on the bulletin board at granville island market amidst a mass of papers with your name on it that caught my eye, which i proceeded to write down to check out later!