Monday, 12 December 2011

Stuck for ideas?

I was a bit stuck for gift ideas this year, until I found these discarded shopping list from some unwitting pompey residents at ASDA. Hopefully I will find some more over the festive season. Happy Holidays
"How to treat a Lady" For the female in your life. Who wouldnt be happy with some PJs, an Itunes voucher, perfume and a set from boots, all topped off with an evening in your new sexy underwear and button mushrooms......
"How to treat a Lad" For the man in your life. For more fun than you can shake a festive stick at this year, get your man four types of publication including "take a breack", the stimulant drink known as "coffeee" finished off with a smoke of tocco and a chicken and bacon salad.

1 comment:

  1. bloody genius, I love 'sexy underwear' followed by sizes. This bloke had it nailed