Sunday, 22 April 2012


Well I'm pretty stoked with this entry. I've been rocking some of the Mecha wear for a few months back after a chance meeting with some of the gents behind it all in Southsea town, anyways conversation got onto the potential for a bit of collab work.After the Mecha guys donated me some of their old skate decks, I set about recycling them into these new creations. I tried to adapt some of the Mecha designs that exist currently as well as a nod to their referencing of "NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION". I collaged and painted directly onto the decks, and tried to build the three up as stand alone pieces, whilst working as a set with the three varying colourways. I also strongly suggest you too hook yourself up with a Mecha Prang Tshirt, or tasty 5 panel that are currently on offer from the boys. All designs are limited run, and I'm pretty pleased to be supporting a local and independent outfit. Keep your eyes peeled for potential projects in the coming months. Here are the website, facebook and online shop for the Mecha team Enjoy

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