Friday, 14 September 2012

An Open Letter To Jamie T

An Open Letter To Jamie T, Look I'll try and keep it brief but basically we miss you. I mean it's been awhile and at the minute something's seriously lacking. Xfactor is back on TV attempting to force feed the nation and currently number one in the charts is a man with the inability to operate a hat correctly. I think the final straw came when I was watching the news, the actual news, and a genuine report stated that chris moyles is recording a song with rizzle kicks. Fair play to people who enjoy that. But I don't. You're like the older cousin who we always have an awesome night out with, but we never see enough of. Everytime you've partied down in Pompey we've had a ball, right? I'm sure The Wedgewood-rooms would be more than happy to have you back? Failing that there's plenty of front rooms available. All I'm saying is this Jamie, just let us know you're alright. I don't even mind getting the first few rounds in. It's just we need you now more than ever. Come on, it's Friday night. Ashley x

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