Monday, 30 April 2012

"Heroes" Mini Documentary Preview

So myself, ooh la lapin and Lee Casey curated and hosted our own exhibition a few months back in the basement of Room 237 on Elm Grove. The guys at Sock puppet productions came down and did some filming of the whole shindig and have kindly put together this preview before the final mini documentary is finished. To be honest I'm more than excited too see this finished product as this looks slick as! Anyways I hope you enjoy, and thanks again for a making it a wonderful night if you came down!

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Well I'm pretty stoked with this entry. I've been rocking some of the Mecha wear for a few months back after a chance meeting with some of the gents behind it all in Southsea town, anyways conversation got onto the potential for a bit of collab work.After the Mecha guys donated me some of their old skate decks, I set about recycling them into these new creations. I tried to adapt some of the Mecha designs that exist currently as well as a nod to their referencing of "NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION". I collaged and painted directly onto the decks, and tried to build the three up as stand alone pieces, whilst working as a set with the three varying colourways. I also strongly suggest you too hook yourself up with a Mecha Prang Tshirt, or tasty 5 panel that are currently on offer from the boys. All designs are limited run, and I'm pretty pleased to be supporting a local and independent outfit. Keep your eyes peeled for potential projects in the coming months. Here are the website, facebook and online shop for the Mecha team Enjoy

Saturday, 21 April 2012

"Biros are shit hot, but Southsea's better" TSHIRTS

Forgot to pop these up awhile back. Got my hand drawn "Biro's are shit hot but Southsea's better" design made up on some tee's for the summer. Get yourself one if you want to look like a lord this summer.


Found a disposable camera, had it kicking round a house I lived in about three years ago. Took it to get developed, eager with excitement to see if there were any gems to be produced. Collected the film and there was about six pictures on it. Nightmare. I think it did get thrown round on a lot of drunken nights and got left in a drawer so was to be expected. Anyways here's to bad photography and the fragility of real pictures.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Notes, Thoughts and Scribbles

I've just finished a notebook I've had for awhile. Here are some of the pages. Scribbles, thoughts and attempts at poetry. Heroes exhibition images to follow soon, I have been rather unwell and a bit rubbish on updates.